Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of server do I get? servers are hosted in the DigitalOcean cloud and have the following specifications:

20GB Disk

Is it really free?

Yes. You can create a server on absolutely free for two hours but we hope you'll choose to keep your server(s) around longer. If you choose not to purchase additional time for your server it will be deleted automatically after 2 hours.

What operating systems are available?

We currently offer the following operating systems:

Unless specifically specified otherwise, all images are for the server version of a Distribution and do not include a desktop environment.

How do I connect to the ssh service on my server?

An ssh-key is required to connnect to your server. Dply will let you select from ssh keys on your Github account when you create a server. Once your server is created you can connect to the "root" account (use "core" instead of "root" on CoreOS and "freebsd" on FreeBSD).

ssh root@[ip_address]


ssh core@[ip_address] (CoreOS)


ssh freebsd@[ip_address] (FreeBSD)

What happens when my server's time runs out?

Dply free servers are ephemeral. When your server's timer runs out it is deleted. Deleted servers are gone forever and cannot be restored, there are no backups of any kind. If you wish to keep your server around longer you can add additional time to it from the control panel before the timer expires.

How much does it cost to add more time to my server?

All servers are pre-paid and are removed once their time expires.
When you create a new server you can choose the FREE option which provides 2 hours to get started or try something out (or you can start on a paid plan).
After that you can add more time at the following rates (All prices are in US Dollars):

2 Days: $2
1 Week: $3
1 Month: $10
6 Months: $50

I can't send mail, what's up?

Dply blocks common SMTP ports by default in order to prevent abuse of the platform and be able to provide servers for free. If you are running a service that requires mail we recommend using a transactional mail provider with an API such as:

Most of these options provide a free tier of service for lower volumes.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We process all payments through Stripe and accept credit cards, alipay and bitcoin.

Do you offer an API?

No. While we love services with robust APIs and their ability to integrate into our projects, the nature of the dply service and it's offer of free temporary servers means that offering an API would be inviting abuse. We may offer an API at some point in the future but it would only allow the creation of servers on paid accounts in order to prevent abuse or automatic re-creation of servers on the free plan.

Your site says my Github account is too new. Why?

While our goal is to provide the easiest possible way for developers to quickly launch servers and create a self sufficient service some people have decided to use automated methods to create massive numbers of GitHub acounts in order to scam the service. In order to prevent this abuse we have implemented a restriction on new GitHub accounts. If you just created your GitHub account, wait a few days and try logging in again.

My question isn't answered here.

If you have a question or concern that isn't answered here, click on the question mark (?) in the lower right of any page and choose "Contact Support".