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Sign in with your GitHub account and create a cloud server. Use the ssh-keys in your Github account to log into your server. No credit card required.


Choose your Disk Image

Choose one of these images for your new server.

Start FREE, Add time when you need it.

Your new server's first two hours are FREE. Keep it longer for as little as $2 via Credit Card or Bitcoin. Your server is deleted automatically when its time runs out, never incur unexpected bills.

Extra time is available at the following rates:
  •  $2 - 2 Days
  •  $3 - 1 Week
  • $10 - 1 Month
  • $50 - 6 Months

Share your project with the world!

Create a button and let others launch a server with your own custom user-data script for free.
With Dply, your potential users can try out your code on a real server. Add a button to your website or GitHub

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